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  • Casting Dimensional Accuracy: +/ -0.30mm (in line with international standards)
  • Casting Wall Thickness: Minimum 3.5mm
  • Casting Weight: 50grams to 20 kg

Ferrous Casting Components

Auto Components

  • Break compressor cylinder (single Bore / double bore),
  • Cylinder Head, Wheel cylinder
  • Automatic Slack adjuster
  • Vacuum Brake Housing & Center plate
  • Bracket hanger for steering application
  • CVJ Body, Cast flange, Manifold, Crankshaft
  • Water cooled bearing housing for turbo chargers
  • Water cooled cylinder, Water cooled cylinder Head - Grey Iron
  • Ductile Iron Pulleys, Rocker Arm and Rocker Support
  • Brake cylinder ( Single bore / Double bore)
  • Cylinder Head, Automatic Slack adjuster
  • Gear shift fork, Wheel cylinder, Housing for power steering, Plate stiffener, Bearing housing for Turbo Chargers, Suspension bracket, CVJ Body

2 Wheelers

  • Air cooled cylinder block (50cc-500 CC)
  • Water cooled cylinder block (50cc - 500cc)
  • sleeves for AI-Fin
  • Cam shafts / chilled cam shafts
  • Bearing inserts - Grey Iron, Ductile Iron
  • Housing clutch, Piston Outer, Brake Drum
  • Rear Wheel Hub in Austempered Ductile Iron

Ferrous Hydraulic Components

  • Valve Body - NG 6, NG 10, Cetop
  • Mono block - Manual & electric
  • End cover - Grey Iron, Ductile Iron
  • cover Casting - Grey Iron, Ductile Iron

Non Ferrous Castings

2 Wheelers

  • Engine cylinder block with centrifugal sleeves

4 Wheelers

  • Air brake valve parts
  • Air compressor parts
  • Air brake actuator parts
  • Air brake sub-assemble parts

Home Appliance Industry

  • Piston for Refrigerator (Successfully converted to shell from Investment Castings)
  • Support bracket for Refrigerator compressor
  • Swing Lever for Sewing machines